My Practice

Professional psychotherapy supporting people, families and couples

People sometimes feel overwhelmed or unable to make the changes they desire as they go through transitions, negotiate day-to-day life, engage in relationships, or find themselves repeating unhelpful patterns of behavior. I offer empathy, support, and collaborative challenge to create the possibility for greater mental wellness. I work with tweens/adolescents, families, adults, and couples.

Couples – We’ll work to create deeper connection, physical and emotional intimacy, and new joy in your relationship. I specialize in helping couples understand themselves and their partners more fully; create boundaries and intimacy; develop new communication abilities; address interactional patterns that may be harming the relationship; and work to heal old wounds and trust issues.

Families – We look at the complex interactions, emotional connections, and reactive patterns present in most families. I support you in developing new patterns; negotiating day-to-day living; developing parenting skills; addressing challenges in blended families; forming secure relationships in adoption; addressing transition issues in divorce and separation; facilitating more workable teenager and parent relationships; and developing communication skills.

Tweens/Teens – Adolescence can be a challenging time for parents and teens – peer pressure, developmental changes, and strides toward independence can impact your teen’s functioning and your relationship. As teens try to become independent, they may face internal and external pressures. I work with teens to address depression, anxiety, perfectionism, impulsivity, substance abuse, eating disorders, and sometimes criminal behaviors. I also offer support to parents in setting appropriate boundaries and expectations. This dynamic period can offer lots of opportunities for growth, change, and joyful connection.

Individuals – I work with both men and women offering a safe place to reflect, think, feel and perhaps begin to experience yourself and the world differently. I find that many of my clients are working on transitions, growth, relationship challenges, existential questions, past hurt and trauma, and wanting to have a full and authentic life.


Specific areas of expertise in my practice include:

  • Couple relationship challenges
  • Blended families, adoption and foster children
  • Family communication and interactional struggles
  • Overall health and wellness practices
  • Fitness motivation and sports psychology
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Anxiety, Depression and Mood Instability and associated harmful behaviors (self-harm, eating disorders, self-sabotage, substance abuse, sleep disturbance, and physical health issues)
  • Personality Disorders and associated relationship issues
  • Trauma (abuse, neglect, sexual, and specific events) and stress reactivity
  • Attachment issues (from early childhood and impact in relationships)